Q Commons

How should the church respond to a nation that seems more divided than ever?  On Thursday, October 13th from 7-9 p.m. we will host Q Commons–a time to hear Christian influencers and engage in group discussion around how the church should respond.

I know our weekdays are full and evenings are even worse, but this is of vital importance.  We need to hear your voice and we need to hear what you are learning so that we can all press into the direction that God’s Spirit is giving us.  

The world is already turning from the church faster than ever before.  We don’t want it to get worse.  Let’s learn how we can respond to these issues effectively for the kingdom while also using this as an opportunity to connect with those not already connected to the church.  Will you join me?

For more information go to http://qcommons.com/hfcog.

In Him,

Pastor Tim.

Welcome Back Sherry!

I am excited to announce that Sherry Pausky is back on staff with the Houston First Church of God.  She is back in the church office as our administrative assistant.  Let’s join together in welcoming her back to the office, and pray for her (working with Pastor Tim is never easy).