Many of us struggle with it.  We know things need to get done but we would rather just do it… later.  That work deadline, that school project, that conflict at home, and (my personal favorite) that stack of dishes… later.
Sometimes we can do this spiritually as well.  I’ll go to church next week.  I’ll join a learn group next month.  I’ll invite someone to the next series.  I’ll give from my next paycheck.  I’ll read my Bible tomorrow.  I’ll do it… later.
Later just became Now.  This coming Sunday starts a new sermon series called, Now’s the Time.  Now’s the time to let Jesus have his way in us.  Now’s the time to put his gifts to work for the kingdom.  Now’s the time to experience the power of God in our lives and the people around us.  Don’t wait another week.  Come ready this Sunday to make now the time.