What is the Goal?

At Houston First Church of God our mission is to make disciples as we…
  • Connect with those not yet connected to the church
  • Commit to God in worship
  • Learn to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ, and
  • Influence others with the kingdom of God.

In our Cross Fit series we have talked about how disciples start something new (like a spiritual discipline) and strive for heaven through the process of holiness.  However, there is something that God wants me to clarify.

Being a disciple of God does not mean that we just do stuff.  We are not earning our grace.  We are not working for heaven.  Rather, disciples put themselves in a position for God to do miraculous things in and through their lives.  It is important for us to do the work of discipleship but that is not the goal.  The goal is to let God do what he wants to do.  The goal is to submit to his will and way.  We do discipleship as preparation for God to do the impossible.

So what is your goal?

In Him,
Pastor Tim