Servant Life

Yes, its true. I am a married man now! These past few months have been a true blessing, and I just want to stop and thank you Church for all you have done for me and my new bride. I have the best Church family ever. One thing that I have learned just within these few weeks is, marriage takes “serving” to a whole new level. I just found the woman of my dreams, I put a ring on her finger, but now I have to keep her around! Luckily, God has blessed me with a rare find. A God fearing woman who only wants to serve. One of the things that stuck with me as we went through pre-marital counseling (which I highly recommend for any couple), was said by the great Pastor Tim Gould. He told us that it should feel like a competition, that we should always try to “out serve” each other. I want to do my best to serve my wife, and not let our differences get in the way of serving one another. This is something i want to grow in, not only in my marriage, but also in my walk with Christ. 

Jesus did not leave his throne and come to this earth to be served. In His short 33 years, he was the perfect example of a servant. Thats the kind of man that I strive to be like. Some see servants as the lowest of low, unworthy. I see it as someone who is pursuing Gods kingdom. As I work on this in my marriage and in my relationship with Christ, I pray that you will join me Church. Let’s try to out serve each other. Not just

on Sunday

mornings, but also in our work places and schools. Let’s be like Jesus. 

All For Him,

Rico Facundo