My Glory Days

Looking back on my ‘glory days’ as a child growing up in this congregation, I knew that I was loved. I knew that my family was much bigger than the three people that lived in my house. I knew that people were praying over me. I knew that I could ask for advice, and that it would be sound and Biblical. I knew when I made mistakes that I would be disciplined, but still very much loved (like playing hide and seek before service and ending up in the baptistery right as church began, and having to wait until service was finished to move!)


The love and support did not falter as I entered Middle and High School, left to go to college, landed my first teaching position and moved away for work. I knew I had prayer warriors praying over me while I was away, over my living situation, my school work, my safety driving back and forth, etc. I knew I would get prayer cards from the staff and members of the church. I knew that when I came home to visit I had been missed and prayed over.


As I begin my ministry here at HFCOG, I pray that our children feel the same love and safety as they grow up in our programs. From infancy through to their school age years and beyond, I will strive to make sure we are still making a Godly impact on the lives of our youngest members.


I am so excited to see what God has in store for us. The ‘glory days’ are not behind us, but in front of us! To God be the Glory!