Glory Days

When were your Glory Days?  High school?  College?  When you were first married?  When your kids were little?  When you became a grandparent?  Was it when you had that job?  Was it when you played that sport?  Was it before bills?  Was it before that injury or before that doctor’s appointment?


Whenever it was it is likely that now we look back and are struck by the things that no longer describe us.   We see our present limitations and wonder what happened to the person we used to be.  We look back with fondness but also with sorrow as if we have lost something within ourselves.


But I have good news for you, church.  God is not limited, and if his best days are not behind him then our best days are not behind us.  We may not be able to do what we once did but that doesn’t mean that God can’t accomplish the miraculous in and around us.  You may never again know the glory days that were but God can establish a new prime of your life.  He has Glory Days in store for you still. 


Your best days are not behind you.  Press into him and see anew the glory of the Lord in your life.