Let’s Chat!

I love Sundays. For so many different reasons. I love being at the church building early and slowly hearing the buzz as people arrive and begin to visit. And the laughter! You can hear it from the lobby all the way down the hallway. I love hearing little feet coming from the lobby and the big smile and tight hugs. I love worshipping with the body and the tiny taste of heaven we get. It is just a really special day in my week full of connection and joy and family.
But the thing I love the most is hanging out with our kids! Right now we have several opportunities in our Power Church programming which has allowed me to be in the classroom 3 of 4 Sundays. Our kids are really cool people. I just need you to know that. They have so many big dreams and plans. They have a great sense of humor and always keep me laughing. I’m able to hear about their world, and help them to find opportunities to speak truth and hope to their circle. Just yesterday, the 4th and 5th grade students discussed ways to show others God’s hope even in the middle of really hard circumstances like a parent losing a job, a loved one passing, or a health crisis. These students have all been through at least one of these and we had a great conversation. If you’re not plugged into our HFC Kids ministry, you are missing some really awesome experiences!
Did you know we have a student who is feeling the early call of ministry? Right now he says he wants to be a missionary to California and he regularly invites his whole class to kids ministry and special events. He sees the need for a Savior and he wants to tell the world. (Starting in Cali because “they need Jesus over there”.)
Did you know we have a student who loves music and tech and wants to be a movie producer? He has some amazing skills and is regularly serving on the worship tech team! He has a vision for what graphic design could look like and how worship slides could help set the mood for a service, and how to cut video clips together to make a compelling music video.
Did you know we have a student who has a HUGE servant heart? They regularly help set up and clean up without being asked and are a huge helper in the classroom! They gravitate toward the younger kids, and gently show them how to do things, always patient and kind.
Our 1st-5th grade students are developing their world view, discovering God in their everyday lives, and learning how to apply what they learn at kids club. We get the amazing privilege to partner with families in the spiritual formation of their children and empowering parents in family discipleship. And it’s FUN! No matter what your background or skillset is, we have a place for you! We have a need for lead and assistant teachers, Sundays and Wednesdays, at a variety of times. We have teachers who are nurses, salesmen, food industry, corporate and non profit roles, business owners, and so much more. Even if ‘kids’ are not your thing, there are ways that you can support our HFC Kids ministry. I’d really love to tell you more about how you can get involved at any level – email me HERE and let’s set up a time to chat!
Many Blessings, 
Pastor Sarah