No Place Like Home

What makes a house a home?  Is it the décor, or perhaps the aura?  Maybe, in fact, it could be it’s comfortability?  In my mind, at least, what makes a house a home is the people who fill it.  Those you can live life with, in the good and the bad.  For a long time, I felt that way in my parents’ home, and now- with a growing family of our own- I feel it when I am around Ryan and Arden.  I know that when they are around, there my home is also.  With impending changes just around the corner for our family, I find comfort in knowing that where they are, I will be also.  While it is sad to say goodbye to so many of our precious friends and church family here at Houston First, we know that God is calling our “home” to be somewhere else, and we have to trust that.  I pray that the blessings of the Lord will continue to shine down on Houston First and that you all follow God’s “anointed” leader, who is Pastor Tim and his family.  God has been so faithful to this congregation, and He gave us a big blessing in sending the Goulds our way- every blessing is a treasure!  They have moved their home to be able to minister to this congregation, and I continue to pray that they are affirmed in having done so.
So many of you have been there to guide, support and love on our family while living here in Houston, and for that I am most grateful.  While our paths may be diverging, our fondness for you all will not.  Thanks for everything and know you are loved.