God’s Great Faithfulness

Last week I heard one of the most beautiful renditions of Great is Thy Faithfulness. Jordan Smith, a contestant on the TV show The Voice, sang the song. (If you have not heard his version I would encourage you to check it out online.)

Hearing the song made me interested in it’s background story. The song was written by an average man named Thomas Chisholm ,who had a pretty normal life. He had health problems that kept him from being in the ministry, so he was an insurance agent for most of his life. I discovered that Thomas did not have a grandiose testimony about his life or the inspiration of this song.

Maybe you can relate to Thomas. You believe your life is pretty average; you think there is nothing special about your testimony. The encouraging part of Thomas’ story is that he did not have to go through a big tragedy or be redeemed from a horrific lifestyle to praise God for His faithfulness. Thomas’ life may have been pretty normal, but His God was not. Thomas praised God for being faithful regardless of how radical or normal his life was. Whether we have a testimony like that of the woman at the well or that of someone who was born and raised in the church pews, let us praise our God for His faithfulness. Let us praise Him for His grace that covers all our sins. Let us praise His great name.

Pastor Ryan