This past Sunday I did something a little bit different. For the first time since I became Pastor I remained seated when it was time for the sermon. Pastor Ryan did a great job proclaiming God’s word about¬†praise. Praise is in fact an outward expression of adoration to God. Praise isn’t something that we just hold in our hearts. It has to be spoken, sung, or expressed to those around us because God’s grace has been so amazing in our lives. So then, how are you responding to grace?


A simple way to praise God is through social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Pastor Ryan challenged us to post our praises online and then follow them with, “#myresponsetograce.” I want to¬†challenge you to COMMIT to praise God for something each day until Thanksgiving and add #myresponsetograce. It will encourage others, it will open the door for God to fight for you, and it will
INFLUENCE those you know for the kingdom of God.
In Him,
Pastor Tim