Your Words Impact The World

“Your words impact the world.”

Recently you may have seen in the news where the President and Chancellor of the University of Missouri resigned their positions due in large part to racial tension on campus. As I have read articles and watched video clips I have found two striking observations.

One, the president of the university either chose not to give appropriate attention to the issue or did not effectively communicate the attention that was being given. Two, students (including student athletes) found many and various ways to communicate their grievances with the world.

“Your words impact the world.” These were the first words of my sermon this past week-part 2 of a series on praise as we prepare ourselves for Thanksgiving. Like the president of the university, if we do not communicate effectively we will lose our voice and power. Like the students, if we could dare to come together and say the same thing our voice will be magnified and its effectiveness will grow.

Use your voice-your power-to praise the Lord. Praise will open doors for God to fight on your behalf. Praise will influence those around you to praise him as well. Through praise you can even encourage yourself no matter your circumstances. Do not remain silent. Let your words of praise impact the world for the kingdom of God.

With great love for you,

Pastor Tim.