Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you were able to remember, or visit, family and friends. As we start this brand new year filled with excitement for all the different opportunities, events and more things to come, sometimes it is good to look back and admire how God worked in every situation of our lives.
Just in last month alone, we had Christmas Family Worship Night, Oh Boy Family Event, Christmas parties for kids, youths and adults, a mini Lock-in, Bane Angel Tree, and Christ Birthday Offering. We got connected with Jersey Village High School’s men/women of honor club, had the annual ladies brunch, and other community activities. Faith promise was fulfilled and even exceeded, and so much more than I can’t fit in this letter.
I am pretty sure God did some amazing things in your life as well, and he will continue to do great things for you, your congregation and those around you. Let’s start this year with Jesus as our end goal so that we can stay focused on Him. We will probably have difficult times but when Jesus is the center of our lives, our attitude, our emotions, and our perception of things will be different because we trust in Him, the One that can turn any situation into good.
Church, as we start this year let focus our attention on Jesus. You are not alone, the HFC Fam is praying for you and your family. Prepare your heart for what is to come. Thank you for never giving up even when things do not go your way, Let’s show the world our God is bigger than any situation.
With love,
Pastor David