Can I Ask You To Do One Thing For Me This Week?

This past week you have probably had opportunities to see family, friends and others at Christmas gatherings. In those times I would also imagine that people began to share some of the good and bad that was happening in their lives. Then, after the pleasantries we all went back home to our regularly scheduled lives. (Here is where I finally ask my question.)
Could you simply follow up with one of the people you talked to this past week?
“But what would I say?”
“Won’t it be weird?”
“What if they openly don’t believe in God?”
Try this in whatever form you feel most comfortable in communicating—text, call or in person:
“It was great to see. I just wanted you to know that I’m praying for you. Keep me posted on
how things are going.”
“We should connect more often. Would you like to get together for coffee sometime?”
“How are things going with _____ ?”
Opportunities just like these are where relational discipleship begins. You can do this! It is simply a matter of caring enough about others to follow up. You don’t have to solve their problems. Just listen well and share what God has done in your life. I’m so glad we are doing this together!
In Him,
Pastor Tim