Still Giving Thanks

Monday morning I left for a week of vacation. I am going to visit some family in Kansas for Thanksgiving. While planning over the last few weeks, the plan has had to change some.  Instead of renting a house with a kitchen where we can cook together, we’ll likely be eating fast food leftovers that don’t need a microwave. I was getting very frustrated that the plan wasn’t looking like the traditional Thanksgiving meal I was hoping it would. I was disappointed that we wouldn’t get to decorate the table and make cookies and…  I was focused on me.
This trip isn’t about me. It’s about visiting family I haven’t seen in a year or more. It’s about some great quality time with my parents. It’s about rest in the midst of weekly busyness of life. It’s about spending time with a family member who lives alone and gets few visitors. It’s about slowing down, and being still. It’s about giving thanks!
Often in the middle of the busy holidays, we get caught up in all things ‘us’ – we forget to see others, their needs, their pain, their joy! We forget to see God and all He is doing, even in the middle of the busy, crazy days. This Thanksgiving is going to look a little different. And that’s ok. I can still give thanks. 
Join me in looking for “God Sightings” this week as you prepare to celebrate, no matter what this Thursday might look like for you – even if it look’s a little different – Still Give Thanks!
Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah