God of the highs and lows

This Sunday’s sermon was so good. If you missed it, it’s a must watch. You can find it on Facebook or YouTube. This is a poor summary of it, but what I walked away with is this: God is still God, when you’re receiving good news, and when things are not going well. He is right there in every situation. I know I have found this to be true in my own life. He was with me as I purchased my home, right before the pandemic, and He was also right there with me when the ceiling fell in. He was with me as I received good health news, just as He was with me as my appendix ruptured. How we feel and what situation we are in does NOT change who He is. A big part of the shift with my mental health was this realization. It seems simple enough, but when you’re in the middle of something, sometimes the simple things don’t feel simple. 
Just the other day I wore a t-shirt with a mountain on it and this text: 
G > ^ v 
I had SO many people ask me what it meant! It means that God is greater than the highs and the lows. He is so much bigger than the emotions we feel. God is constant even when our emotions are not. He is bigger than our highest highs when we are happy and excited and feel great! And He is also bigger than our lowest lows when we are sad, angry, fearful, and feel alone. God is still God. He is faithful and His presence is right there with you wherever you are and whatever you’re feeling.
I really encourage you to pick up a challenge card, or download one here: hfcog.org/fitchallege . I would ask that you really give it a shot, even if you feel silly, even if you think you don’t need to, even if you aren’t sure you can complete every single challenge. That’s ok. Just start with one, and go from there. In speaking with a friend about being a ‘recovering perfectionist’ he said something really profound to me that has stuck with me since. He told me that even if I was only 1% better than yesterday, that was good enough. Sometimes we set ourselves up to obtain this really big goal, and at the first hiccup we walk away because it won’t look perfect, or as we had envisioned. I would encourage you to simply strive to do 1% better every day this week. By the end, you’ll be glad you’re not in the same place you were at the beginning. – Many Blessings! Pastor Sarah