The Reality of Christmas

Soon after we enjoy all the festivities of Thanksgiving the season of advent—the season of preparation for the Christ—will be upon us. In these times we talk about things like love and peace and hope and joy. Then we send out the perfect Christmas cards with warm holiday greetings. We wear our Sunday best and smile when we say, “Merry Christmas!”
However, it is also during these times that we feel most lonely, most anxious, most stressed by our full calendars, and most aware of who is no longer in the room. That doesn’t sound like peace, hope and joy but that is the Reality of Christmas for so many of us.
As we lead up to Christmas we are going to take a real look at what really happens during this season of “holiday cheer.” Then we are going to invite the truth of Jesus to change our reality. After all, Jesus didn’t come to leave us the same way he found us. He came to meet us where we and then transform us into his likeness.
We are all surrounded by people who need to hear that they are not alone in The Reality of Christmas. Who are 4 people that you can invite to hear how the good news of Jesus can change their reality? When will you invite them to join the HFC family in worship? We all need it. Let’s share this good news with the world.
In Him,
Pastor Tim