You are not just a number.

I am not a fisherman but I love the outdoors. If you know me you would know that camping and water sports is number one on my list. Fishing is somewhere in there, but not at the top. This past Friday I was invited to go fishing at the lake, so I decided to go (It was cold,
very cold).
Around midnight I was sitting on top of my cooler full of ice with my fishing rod in my hands, just waiting for something to happen. Something did happen, I started admiring the stars and how big the universe is. I tried to remember where each star was located, but
there were too many to count or to keep track of.
We are not just a number; we are not an accident. We were created with a purpose in mind. God created us special, and although there are many of us, He knows each one of us by our names, and he never forgets it. Here at HFC we are more than just your normal “church” (congregation). We are a family in Christ. You are special just the way you are. Sometimes we forget birthdays, special occasions, and maybe our own names, but God never forgets! He knows who you are and he wants you just like you are. Let yourself be loved by God and by our HFC family. We have a place for you!
With love,
Pastor David