Fake or Real?

We are living in tricky times. Christians are no longer allowed in schools unless they undergo a long process and even after completing whatever requirements the school has, Christians cannot express their faith freely to the students, if they do, they will be banned from school grounds.
Students nowadays are depressed and anxious because they have to act like they have it figured out when in reality, they don’t. They have questions that they are not willing to ask for fear of being canceled, ignored by their friends and those around them.
Students are longing for real and authentic relationships; they know what “fake” looks like because they see that everyday on the internet. Students nowadays do not care whether we have the latest tech, or how big our church building is . What they really want is someone willing to listen and someone that is willing to find the answers with them and not for them.
Jesus was not afraid to be authentic and vulnerable with the people around him or new people he encountered along the way. We can follow his example as we try to disciple the next generation, if we do not reach those kids for Jesus, then Satan will. It is time for the church to stand and fight for the next and current generations; let’s equip them together.
I would love to talk more about this topic with you and help you find your next disciple.

With love,
Pastor David