Keep on Asking

For a while now, I have been mentoring a high school student and one of my responsibilities is to keep him accountable for his grades.  When we first met, he had low grades on a few of his classes because he had missed some assignments. We meet every Tuesday for at least 30 minutes to check on his progress, now as the school year is about to end he is passing all his classes with good grades. He is not a bad student; he just needed someone to keep him accountable, to remind him that he is not alone and show him that he is important.

His success is not having me as his mentor but rather his success was realizing that he needed help. I wonder sometimes if we are afraid to reach out for help, if the idea of vulnerability is overwhelming to some or simply we are afraid of being judged for our pass. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7 “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for (NLT)” did you notice how it says KEEP ON ASKING. In our discipleship book we have something important called my part.

You might be asking yourself what is my part? And what does all of this have to do with the story I just told you. The student I am mentoring did his part by asking for help; your part could be joining a community group, our discipleship training classes, meeting with someone that can invest in you by disciplining you. God is saying just keep asking and you will receive, don’t give up, you are not alone; you have a church family that cares for you.

If you need help getting connected with someone or you just want to take that first step, you can go to or send me an email at Let us know how we can serve you; we want to see you succeed; we are cheering for you because you are important.


Pastor David

Remember to never accept limitations.