High Five!

On August 22nd Bane Elementary students went back to school and we were on campus that morning! It was so great to be able to start the school year off with the students, teachers, and staff! Our team stood at the front and back doors receiving kiddos off the buses and car riders. We had these obnoxious bright blue foam hands, and were calling out “Welcome Back”, and “Have A Great Day” and high fiving each student. We truly went over the top and made sure to hype the kiddos up for the first day.
It was really amazing to see how their whole demeanor changed. Kiddos who had an anxious furrowed brow, were suddenly beaming, running over to give a high five and head into school. Parents who were worried about their kids drove away with a big smile knowing their child’s anxiety had melted away. Teachers who were nervous, tired, or rushing around with the first day to do lists stopped to introduce themselves, ask why we would get up so early on a Monday, and to say thanks for being there. What a difference that moment made on their day – with just a quick smile and a high five.
On September 18th, we will RESET and get things back to where they need to be. We anticipate many first time guests. Guests who might feel anxious about returning to, or visiting, the church. Guests who might have kiddos they are dropping off in nursery for the first time. Guests who might need a warm welcome, a smile, a word of encouragement to help their anxiety fade away.
There are so many ways that you can help us ‘high five’ on RESET Sunday: parking lot attendants, front door greeters, handing out stickers to kids, welcome and coffee stations, and SO much more! Be thinking of how you can help HFC love our guests well as we invite the community to join us for RESET Sunday! For more information, visit hfcog.org/RESET
Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah