Easter Was Amazing!

What a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Thank you for inviting others to come
and experience worship with HFC. We tried really hard to clearly communicate the good news
of salvation through Jesus. However, we also know that guests are going to need people to
help them take one more step and give their cake batter to Jesus. You are so important to this
process. Make sure you are checking in with guests that you invited (even if they didn’t come)
and see how you can help them get connected with HFC.
The best next step to help people get connected to HFC is Free Coffee with Naomi this Sunday
at 10 am. This is a relaxed atmosphere with good coffee which will serve as an orientation to
who we are as a church. You can even join the guest you invited at Free Coffee with Naomi too.
The mission of our church is to make disciples, not just to have big worship services. Our follow
up with guest and helping get them connected to Free Coffee with Naomi will be the first steps
toward leading our guests to being disciples that make disciples. Please pray that we would
see great fruit with your support.

In Him,
Pastor Tim.