Life Changer

Did you know that most people decide whether or not they will return to a building for worship in the first 10 minutes they are on campus. That is before they hear music, preaching, an altar call or thanked for coming after the worship service.
That’s right… they decide based on how they are received from the parking lot to the doors of the sanctuary. With this in mind, here are a few things you can do to help create an environment in which people would be open to having their lives changed by Jesus:
-Introduce yourself. Smile, tell them your name, shake their hand, and tell them you are glad to see them. It isn’t rocket surgery and it makes people feel so good when they aren’t ignored.
-Ask, “How long have you worshipped with HFC?” Maybe the person you are talking too has been here before but it has been awhile or maybe you just don’t know everyone. This is also a great question to transition into your story of how you got connected with HFC.
-Introduce them to someone else. Help the guest get to know the people around you. They may not have a conversation but at least they will be a bit more familiar with others and that will allow them to feel more like family quicker.
-Don’t forget to keep handing out invite cards and sharing the invite videos on Facebook and YouTube. As we are all diligent to invite and welcome people well we will be helping guests get connected to God as they feel the warmth of our loving HFC family. Thank you for being part of
the family that welcomes others well.
In Him,
Pastor Tim