IYC 2022

Our youth ministry along side with Iglesia’s youth group attended IYC 2022 at San Antonio and we had a blast. Although all the adult volunteers and chaperones are exhausted and still recovering, I believe it was worth it. New friendships were made, moments were created, we had opportunities to hear from God, and we ate together every single day but most importantly, we grew as a group.
The conferences were awesome, the music was phenomenal, the food Miss Eunice cooked for us was delicious and not to mention Rudy Paul always found a way to make things work for us, but the one thing everyone needed was to share their life experiences, hear from someone else what God is doing in their lives and ride in a vehicle together for 4 hours to introduce themselves to whomever is sitting next to them.
IYC might be over but our students still need people praying for them. They still need to hear encouragement from someone. They need to be connected to a youth group to be surrounded by people their own age who also are trying their best to follow God. I need you to always remind our students to never give up, to always stay connected, to put God first no matter what. 
We need to invest in the next generation (AKA our students). We as adults need to be ready to pass the baton but we also need to equip, love, mentor and disciple our students here and now, before we pass the baton. 
With love, Pastor David.