Celebrating God’s Greatness!

This week we learned 5 key points at Monumental VBS:


God loves me no matter what.

God is with me everywhere.

God is in charge.

God is stronger than anything.

God is surprising.

When broken down to the basics, it seems very simple. But somehow as adults, we tend to complicate things. God’s greatness is worth celebrating, even in the simple everyday things! As I prepped for VBS, I could have submitted to the spirit of fear, or ‘what if’, but I chose instead to submit to the Holy Spirit. I leaned into the key truths that I would soon be teaching our own kiddos and their friends. They say you cannot really teach a subject until you fully understand it yourself, so I had to put these key points into practice more and more as the VBS week approached.
As we came closer to the start of VBS week and still had many volunteer needs, I trusted that God would provide. We had a few set backs as we had some key volunteers who needed to step back for various reasons, but I kept trusting that God was in control, and that He would provide, and He did! A few days before VBS was to start we had several key roles filled in surprising ways and volunteers asking how they could help! Then by the end of the week, we had MORE than enough volunteers. I had people asking, where can I serve? And I didn’t have a specific place to tell them to go! Every station had more than enough help! Praise God!
Church, we need to remember that God is great and His greatness is worthy to be praised! Even in the small things. Especially in the small things! Let’s Celebrate God’s Greatness together today, and tomorrow and every day after that. We can keep reminding ourselves of his truths: God loves me. He is with me. He is in control. He is stronger than the enemy trying to defeat me. He is going to provide in some amazing surprising ways! Let’s be sure to encourage others around us with these key truths as well. How could you encourage someone in your circle with one of the key points from VBS?  
-Many Blessings
Pastor Sarah