Who is controlling you?

Who is Controlling You?


“No one can MAKE you mad.  You can only let yourself get angry.”  I know you might be thinking, “Well Pastor, you don’t know how this person pushes my buttons!”  I get it and trust me, there have been plenty of times when others have “made me mad.”  However, I also have control issues and I don’t like the idea that someone—anyone—can say something that would control my behavior.  I want to be in control.


Truth is, there are so many things around us that are trying to control us.  The devil is lying to us.  Negativity tells us that nothing is ever going to go our way.  Our culture prioritizes things in our lives that don’t help us.  And everyone seems to want to tell us what we should do with our time, money and energy.


This month we are going to Take Back Control.  And this control isn’t so that we can be our own God.  No.  Rather, we take back control from all the things that are competing with the value, love and purpose that God has for us and we submit that control to him.  The only way we get to live in the fruit that we all desire in our lives is by submitting to God in every area of our lives.  This will be hard work, but God already has the victory through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Let’s take down the unicorn by faith in the victory of Jesus Christ.


In Him,

Pastor Tim.