Waiting on God

As most of you have heard by now, my house flooded in the February freeze. Throughout the mitigation and renovation process there have been SO many delays! First, so many people in Houston and the surrounding area needed plumbing and mitigation work done, it was really hard to make appointments. Then, once I had a mitigation company come out, we learned they didn’t do a good job and now there was more damage! I finally booked a plumber, and then they lost my appointment and I was delayed again. My insurance desk adjuster was suddenly no longer with the company and my case was waiting for a new adjuster to begin the process all over again. Then a few weeks later, the second desk adjuster was also no longer with the company and we had to start all over AGAIN! It was frustrating, and there were many, “Why God” conversations that went on during these 6 weeks of missed appointments and no return calls. I was so tired of waiting! I was annoyed. I was impatient. I wanted my house back!
But do you know what all was happening during that waiting? God was working out SO many blessings for me behind the scenes! The second mitigation company was fantastic! Polite, hard working crew, who came in and cleaned out all the damage and mold and were an absolute delight to work with! They saved my countertops in the demo and took such care in all they did. They actually left my house cleaner than they found it. Then we find out they also do the reno! AND they also have their own in-house cabinet makers who do beautiful custom work. Due to the delay in mitigation from the first company, they ended up having to take ALL the kitchen cabinets and the backsplash in the demo due to mold! What a huge blessing to get to redo the entire kitchen instead of just one cabinet! That is a project I was saving up for and would take a few years, but now – insurance is paying for it! When the plumber made it out, all the demo was done! He didn’t have to cut out any sheetrock because it was already gone! The ceiling too! He was able to walk in and get right to work on the repairs. Because of that, his time/cost was dramatically reduced and I saved a lot of money! There are SO many other ways that God has worked things to my benefit in these situations – I have to praise His name! Thank you Lord!
Waiting is hard sometimes. It’s hard to wait and not know why. It’s hard to keep being delayed and have no explanation. It’s frustrating to feel like nothing is working out in our favor. But waiting on God is easy. He is our Faithful Father. He is working behind the scenes even when we can’t see it, or feel it. He is working. We can rest easy knowing that He is still in control and He knows exactly what the outcome will be. Trust in Him, and patiently wait.
Many Blessings,