One Week Later

One week later.
It has been a little more than a week since our Easter/Resurrection Sunday and you might ask yourself “Now what?” Does everything go back to normal when it comes to Sunday Worship and Holy Week stuff? Well… Yes and no. Things do go back to normal, but the spirit of invitation and how involved we were does not need to go back to normal.
There are still many opportunities to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, to invite others to a worship service, to attend Wednesday night activities with HFC, to share the love of Jesus, to pray, and read your bible, to join a community group. You get the point.
Just because Easter week is over, it doesn’t mean we should stop seeking ways to strengthen our faith and relationship with Christ. Now, more than ever, we need to stand in faith as we trust God to guide our lives because your neighbors still need to hear about Jesus; people at drive-throughs and retail stores still need to know that we have a risen Savior.
After Jesus ascended to heaven, the disciples began to intentionally preach and do the kingdom’s work to ensure that anyone who didn’t know Jesus would know about Jesus. The disciples did not stop preaching and loving others. In fact, they were desperate to be used by the Holy Spirit. Now that Easter is over, what will you do to keep walking with Him as you do the kingdom’s work? I want to encourage you to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection every single day just like we did on Easter week.

With love
Pastor David.