In Your Dreams!

You ever just dream about what could be?  I tend to process things by talking to others and I noticed that I’m having a lot of “dreaming” conversations.  I’m dreaming about building design and service opportunities and Kids Ministry and Community Groups and the list could go on and on.

I dream about you too… and my dreams are very vivid.  I dream about you growing in your faith.  I dream about you connecting with people that I may never meet.  I dream about you loving the people around you in such a way that they can’t wait to follow Jesus.  I dream about a day when, if you could do anything, you would choose to disciple others.  I smile a lot when I dream.

So how do we make dreams a reality?  We get curious about our dreams.  We talk about our dreams.  We pursue our dreams wholeheartedly.

In January and February I am preaching a sermon series simply called, “Disciples…” that will give all of us some basic instruction on how we can be disciples that make disciples.  What I’m asking of you is that you dream a little.  Dream about what you would look like as a disciple maker.  Dream about people you know who will come to know Jesus.  Dream about groups meeting in your home.  Dream and let the Holy Spirit guide your dreams right into God’s dream for you.

I love you,
Pastor Tim.