Summer is half over…

Don’t think of summer as half empty though.  No, instead think of it as half full of opportunities to help people get back with the church.  So many have stepped away from the church during the summer and even still from COVID, but we can use the last half of summer to fill up on opportunities to lead people back to Jesus.

This year Back to Church Sunday is September 19th and we want to make it the best one ever!  However, for that to happen we are going to need your help.  Here are some ways that you can start getting ready to welcome people back to church.

  1. Pray… for people you know who need to get back to church, for people to come to know Jesus and the forgiveness of their sins, and for follow up to help people stay connected to God through his church.
  2. Volunteer… to greet guests at the front door with a smile, to help guests find where they need to go in a new building, and with our Children’s Ministry as we expect a lot more kids that Sunday.
  3. Invite… It is never too early to invite someone back to church.  Now is the perfect time to begin building a relationship with someone you know that needs to get back to church.  As you build that trust with each other they will be much more receptive to your invitation.  Who are you going to give your invite cards to?

Finally, let us know what you are doing to help prepare for Back to Church Sunday.  The easiest way is to fill out a Connect Card in the sanctuary on Sunday morning.  Let us know that you are praying, how you might like to volunteer, and who you plan to invite for Back to Church Sunday.  Summer is not half empty.  It is simply half full of opportunities to lead people back to Jesus.  Let’s do it!

In Him,

Pastor Tim.