You Could Catch A Monkey

A monkey sees a coconut with a small hole in it and becomes curious.  He smells fruit inside and is eager to get it.  Sliding his hand in the hole he grabs onto the fruit and tries to pull his hand out but it won’t fit.  His hand is too large to come out of the small hole while holding onto the fruit.  The monkey begins to struggle and panic because he is stuck as long as he holds onto the fruit.  If he would just let go he would easily be able to slide his hand out and be free.

When Jesus came and called people to follow him he was giving them a chance at freedom.  People like Peter, Andrew, James and John let go of what they had in order to live in the freedom of following Jesus.  Others, like the rich young ruler, stayed stuck in the trap because they wouldn’t let go.

As we begin 2021 we are focusing on our mission to make disciples.  You may have already realized that being a disciple maker means letting go of what YOU have a hold of—your self-image, priorities, leisure, and time—but what if those things are actually keeping you from the freedom that you can have in following Jesus?  What if the abundant life we so desire will be in reach as soon as we let go of what is in our hands?

We are disciple makers.  Jesus died for us to be saved and to lead others to salvation.  His resurrection empowers us to accomplish everything he calls us to, but it does not allow us to hold on to old things.  Let’s all let go together so that we can fully grab hold of the mission Jesus died for us to carry out.

Love you family,
Pastor Tim