You Are Not Alone

What a celebration we had yesterday during our worship service, from
completing some or all spiritual challenges to giving above and beyond
our yearly budget and faith promise. When we work together, we can
truly accomplish a lot for the kingdom of God; maybe you are like me,
I completed some challenges but wasn’t able to complete them all and
guess what that’s ok because I got a chance to celebrate everyone’s
accomplishments and I still have an opportunity to be involved with
some other opportunities around Houston First.

Just because January ended does not mean everything is over, like
talking with a counselor or a friend, reading my bible, going on a
date with my wife, eating healthy, giving a word of encouragement to
others, etc. If you did some or even all of the challenges, let’s keep
those new habits and apply them every month, if you did not do any of
the challenges, that’s ok, but I will challenge you to ask someone who
did to show you and help you get new good spiritual healthy habits for
your life.

Celebrating is such an important part of our lives, let’s be honest,
we need to start celebrating even the small accomplishments and just
like yesterday, you are not alone in this. You have a church family
that is ready to cheer you on; we love to see you grow stronger in
your faith and in your personal life as well. Let’s keep moving
forward together.