After Christmas Shopping

Christmas is one of my absolute most favorite times of the year! From as long as I can remember, my Dad & KK, Aunt Nancy, and NiNi would give me a Christmas ornament with the year. Then when I became a mom, I did the same for our kiddos. To me, there is something about picking the perfect ornament that reflects the past year!
The day after Christmas; KK, Aunt Nancy and I would go “after Christmas shopping” (as a side note, one of my gifts was a few bucks to go after Christmas shopping)! I remember this from the age of 6 at least. There used to be a huge Christmas only store here in Houston that we would go to, along with Marshal Fields and Macy’s. If you are from Houston and know what I’m talking about, it was in the 80’s. So, I’ve been pretty much “in training” for this my entire life, really.
I really enjoy finding decorations and gifts for projects like Bane Angel Tree. Over the past few weeks, I’ve meet many people while picking up various donations and from these brief encounters, it was the start of something bigger! One of our neighbors posted on our neighbor page that he had items he wanted to donate in our community – I commented on his post about Angel Tree and our website: He offered them to us and when I went to pick them up, we had a great conversation and I was able to invite him to worship. I did not think to bring a bag or box with me to pick up the items, so he let me borrow his storage contains and I will return them – well, that’s another great opportunity for Ken and I to not only invite him to worship again, but to our community group as well. Look at God making a way! Also, from the post with the website – I’ve have a few reach out to me asking to help or wanting more information. Again, God working.
I’m saying all this, to say, God can use you in every area of your life! For me it was in “shopping” from that young age of six, He knew how to use my family every year and how that would play in the role in furthering His Kingdom, at that time, and even 40 years later. He wants to be involved in everything. Pastor David mentioned in a prayer yesterday for our minds to be filled of God. When we live our lives for Him, He responds!
How has God been involved in your life this week? How would you like Him to be involved? How can you invite others to know Him? Take a few minutes, right now and go to Him in prayer.
We would love to hear from you! Share your Christmas Together invite stories with us. If we use yours on a Sunday – we will have a fun little Christmas gift for you.
Your Sister In Christ,