30 Day Fit Challenge

30 Day Fit Challenge
Being in Ohio with family for Christmas was great. The drive backā€¦ not so much. We ate fast food the entire way. I drank a lot of soda because I wanted the caffeine. Sweets of multiple types were sent home for us to snack on. I also sat still in a vehicle for two days straight.
Needless to say I feel like I am what I ate. I need to get back on track with healthy habits in my life. Maybe you do too. Maybe this season showed you just how anxious you feel on a daily basis. Maybe you recognized how some relationships needs some work. Maybe you realized that you just need to get closer to the Lord.
This Sunday we start our first ever 30-Day Fit Challenge. Each week we will focus on an area of our lives in which we can make choices to be more healthy and fit. We will grow mentally, spiritually, relationally and physically, and we will do it all together. 
Get your Fit Challenge Card this Sunday and join the HFC family as we embrace the challenge to grow in every area of our lives. Find more information at www.hfcog.org/fitchallenge.
In Him,