Why Do We Need To Invite Others?

This past week I found myself in a conversation with someone and we got to talking about church and stuff.  I asked her, “So, do you have a church that you are connected with?”  At first she said that she did not and she didn’t grow up with the church, and then she said something that blew my mind!  She said, “Now I just feel Bible-stupid so I don’t go anywhere.”

What she meant was that she didn’t know anything about the Bible and she felt like she was too old to start learning now.  Do you hear the lies and the attack of the enemy in that?  She didn’t say she wasn’t interested.  She didn’t say she didn’t want her kids to be involved.  She didn’t say she had a bad experience.  She just feels totally insecure because she doesn’t know God’s word.

This is why we are intentional to invite others to worship with us and join Community Groups and just go out to coffee together.  People are interested in knowing more about God but they don’t know where to start.  And these individuals don’t need you to know everything; they just need you to know enough to point them in the right direction. 

Church, we can do this!  Your invitations will change lives and families.  Our focus on discipleship will empower those far from God to begin a relationship with him and overcome the attacks of the devil on their lives.  Don’t let the devil talk you out of it.  Invite someone today and we will all together see again that God is able.

In Him,
Pastor Tim