Great Is Your Faithfulness To Me

Sunday’s sermon hit close to home. (If you haven’t heard it yet, head to our Facebook page and check it out, because it was good truth! HERE) Feeling overwhelmed by circumstances can pretty much summarize my entire year, from February on at least. Not seeing a way out, struggling to push through. Trying to see the end and fighting through to reach it… Yes, the sermon was uncomfortably close. 
The freeze busted a pipe in three places and flooded the entire house. Then we had delay after delay as I shuffled from agent to agent at my insurance company. Then we had contractor issues. At this point I’ve lost count of how many we had throughout the project. (Shout out to Jason of JE Remodeling, son-in-law to HFC members Paul and Eunice, who completed the work and allowed me to move in by the end of October!) Then the stress of it all began to affect my health on top of everything else. Overwhelmed doesn’t begin to cover it.
Even though God worked EACH AND EVERY delay in my favor with finances and more, in the midst of the drama it was very hard to see how He was working. I had so much encouragement from my HFC family. I am so thankful for the faithful prayers and encouragement from you all; It was a reminder of just how important fellowship together as well as Community Group support is so vital in the life of the believer. That encouragement and support combined with God’s amazing plan and provision, allowed me to make it through. It was not easy. There were some very hard, stressful days. Tears were shed multiple times. But God. But God was still in control. But God. But God was faithful, even when I couldn’t see it. 
During Sunday worship, when the worship team began the song ‘Promises’, I just about lost it. This had become my song of encouragement and a declaration that I would sing/pray when things didn’t make any sense, when I was drowning in overwhelming feelings. I was just talking to my friend about how God put this song in my path just when I needed another reminder! It would be on when I got in the car. It would be first in my playlist. It would be the first post I saw on social media. It was everywhere! Once again, on Sunday, I needed that message. I needed to focus on God’s great faithfulness. I needed to be reminded yet again, that even when I can’t see it, He’s working. 
I really love the lyrics of the entire song, but these lines really stand out:
“I’ll still bless You in the middle of my storm. In the middle of my trial. I’ll still bless You when I’m in the middle of the road and I don’t know which way to go. I’ll still bless You. I’ll still bless You. I’ve got a reason to bless You. I’ll still bless You. You’ve been faithful. You’ve been faithful. You’ve been so good to me. You’ve been so good to me. Great is Your faithfulness to me. Great is Your faithfulness to me. From the rising sun, to the setting same, I will praise Your name. Great is Your faithfulness to me.”
Below is the link to the lyric video of this amazing worship song. I encourage you to listen to it again. When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot on His promises. He is still there. He is still in control. Even when we cannot see it, that doesn’t erase the fact: He is faithful.
Pastor Sarah