Is December a Busy Time?

I get it.  There is a lot going on…  Ladies Brunch (4th), Kids Night Out (11th), Bane Angel Tree pick up (11-12th), Christmas caroling (18th), Family Worship (19th), Christmas parties for kids, youth and adults (22nd) and I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  This doesn’t even include things you might be doing with your Community Group or times that you will gather with your family through the holiday season.

Is this going to be a busy time?  Sure, but let me challenge you to look at this a little differently.  What if, instead of seeing all this as busy items we need to get through, we looked at them as a variety of opportunities to invite a variety of people to hear about Jesus?  If Jesus really is the reason for the season then let’s engage the mission in every way possible.  Let’s build relationships.  Let’s serve those that are part of the church and those that are not.  Let’s encourage one another.  Let’s worship together.  Let’s invite those who aren’t part of the church to be part of it all!

As I mentioned during the HFC Vision Conference, you are our invite strategy this Christmas.  If the people you know and love are going to hear about Jesus it will be because you invited them.  Begin praying now that God would show you the opportunities to invite others to experience Jesus with HFC this Christmas.