What Do I Believe?

Imagine you are with me in a staff meeting at the building with Pastor Sarah, Pastor David, Naomi and me.  We are all talking about a new idea for how to connect with new people and all of the sudden my eyes get really big.  “I’ve got it,” I declare with a smile of revelation on my face.  Then you notice that the more I share my idea the more my smile flattens.  Eventually my head begins to tilt to the side, I look up at the ceiling, and I say, “Never mind, that’s a terrible idea.”

Believe it or not this actually happens pretty regularly.  Many times I don’t know what I really think about something until I say it out loud.  Then all the sudden what I thought was well reasoned and rational becomes gray and cloudy.  This can happen with what we believe too.  Many times we have a very simple understanding of certain theological topics but then when we begin to look at them more deeply we realize that we don’t really know what we believe anymore.

This month as we continue in the “What Do I Believe?” sermon series I want to encourage you to stretch your mind.  Think deeply about the basic theological truths we will encounter and make sure that you know for yourself what you believe.  One of these days someone is going to ask you why you believe what you believe and none of us want to end that conversation with, “Never mind, that’s a terrible idea.”

Love you Church!

Pastor Tim