HFC Vision Conference Schedule

Will you be there?  Maybe you’re thinking about it but you would like to know what we are going to talk about each night.  Here are the points of discussion for each week.

Wednesday, October 27

  • How have you seen God at work throughout your life?
  • Elders and Treasurer on the ballot for ratification
  • Plans for building updates on the ballot for approval
  • What do you think we should be talking about?

Wednesday, November 3

  • What is God doing in and through you now that he hasn’t done before?
  • Proposed sabbatical for Pastor Tim
  • Financial statements and 2022 proposed budget on the ballot for approval
  • Christmas

Wednesday, November 10

  • Annual Business Meeting
  • This is the only night in which official voting can take place.

I hope you can make all three nights.  It is going to be fun.  We are going to eat great each night.  The conversation is going to be rich and you are going to get a chance to be heard.  I can’t wait to experience this time with you.


In Him,

Pastor Tim.