The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had At A Business Meeting

You ever go to a church business meeting and wonder, “What’s the point?”  Everyone knows that everything is going to pass.  Everyone knows that Boyce is going to be disappointed when we don’t read the minutes from last year.  Everyone knows Pastor Tim is going to say a lot of words.  Why do I need to be there?

This year our annual business meeting is part of the HFC Vision Conference.  This is a series of three Wednesdays in which we will celebrate all that God is doing with us and through us, interact with each other about the future direction of the church, and EAT!  You will be encouraged with testimonies, informed about vision, inspired to get involved, and you will have a lot of fun.

I hear you already.  “If I didn’t want to go to one meeting, why would I want to go to three?”  I get it.  It will be a commute during a high traffic time.  It will be dark when we leave.  You will still have work and school the next day.  However, I need your voice there.  God has done some things in and through you, and I want us to celebrate that too.  I need your ideas for how we can accomplish the vision together.  I need you to ask your questions so that everyone can learn together.

Come on!  Let’s get together for this powerful time of gathering as a church.  Mark you calendar now for October 27, November 3 and November 10 for 6-8 pm.  I really do believe this will be the most fun you ever had at a business meeting.


In Him,

Pastor Tim.