So Much Celebration

So Much to Celebrate!

What an amazing Back to Church Sunday we had!  Thank you to everyone who invited others to worship either in person or online.  We had several first time guests.  People were able to find hope in Jesus Christ and now we get to help them keep their focus on him.  Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Invite them back for worship this Sunday. Your follow up with the people you invited will be huge.  Even if the people you invited didn’t show up you can still follow up and encourage them to come back to church anytime.
  2. Ladies, invite them back for the Set Apart Women’s Conference starting this Friday. You can get more info to share at  Did I mention there would be a crafting project supporting Faith Promise during the conference?
  3. Invite people back for our Church Picnic after worship on Sunday, October 3rd. We will provide the meat and drinks.  You just bring a side dish or dessert.  Guests can come without bringing anything.  This will be a great time for them to meet other parts of the church family.

This is all part of the disciple making process.  We have connected with those who are not already connected with the church.  Now let’s help them commit to God in worship and build a relational environment for them to learn to be disciples.  What we are doing will influence the world with the kingdom of God!

In Him,

Pastor Tim.