At HFC Kids, we serve as a team, and we need you! We would love for you to join our team. Everyone has skills to offer! YES – everyone, even you!
If you are already serving, thank you so much! We couldn’t do what we do without you.
You are an important part of our team!
If you are interested in serving, look below to see what positions are available! We also have special events that we will need temporary help with (VBS, Kids Night Out, seasonal events, etc.) Check it out below!
Online training is here! choose from a variety of topics! Don’t see what you’re
looking for? Email Pastor Sarah!
How the Church-Home partnership benefits kids.
Beyond Informational Teaching
How to serve families with special needs.
Great Games = Great Gains
5 things to know about the kids you serve.
Already a teacher?   Double Check when you next serve.
Need a refresher on our policies and procedures? Here is our new Handbook presented in our FALL VIP Training 2021.
Our Next VIP Training will be spring 2022 – stay tuned! 
REady to serve?   Join Our Team!