When you Volunteer at HFC…

You’re a VIP!

At HFC we are all about the VIP TREATMENT – we want our members and guests alike to feel like they are welcomed and at home! As we strive to Connect with our community, Commit to God in worship, Learn to be Disciples Making Disciples, & Influence others for the kingdom of God while engaging in a relational environment, we recognize that we
couldn’t have that amazing culture without our VIP Volunteers! 
We need all types of TALENT to make this relational community a BLOCKBUSTER. We need the loud and bold, and we need the quiet and reserved.  We need the creative and unique, and we need the timeless and classic. We need the adventurous and the daring. Whatever your personality and style and skill set, we need YOU!
Answer the CASTING CALL by exploring the possibilities and opportunities below. There IS a place for you
and your amazing talents! Have questions?  Simply email our TALENT SCOUT aka our
Connections Director, Naomi@hfcog.orgWe cannot wait to discuss your
STARRING ROLE for this coming semester with you!
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Volunteer Needs:
Adult Ministries
Have questions? Email our Connections Director Naomi!
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