You CAN Do It!

Last weekend my 16 year old God-daughter came to stay with me for a few nights. I looked up ideas on fun summer activities we could do – water parks, float the Texas shaped lazy river, cool new restaurants, a trip to Round Top… I had SO many ideas and trying to narrow down a few she’d like best had my head spinning. I was even checking out social media, and trying to understand the lingo the kids use these days. I had so many ideas and thoughts and plans and… she didn’t really want any of that. She asked if we could just spend time together at my house, watching movies and ordering in a pizza. Simple. Easy. Relaxed. 
I had WAY over planned and had myself all worked up trying to figure out how to entertain her when all she really wanted was some uninterrupted quality time. It was a great visit and we really enjoyed watching movies and chilling together. After a busy summer season, it’s what we both really needed. 
Discipleship might seem like a big new concept. You might feel overwhelmed, underprepared and confused on the lingo. But it’s really simple, easy, and relaxed. This summer we have spent our time learning to be effective disciple-makers in our Community Groups. We’ve learned a common language by using the same book and processing the material together while gathered around the table with some food. Simple. Easy. Relaxed. You don’t need a degree in theology. You don’t need to be a pastor. You don’t need a bunch of books and articles. You just need a relationship with God and a relational environment. And while it isn’t necessary, food is always a good idea!
There are a few ways you can join as we strive to be Disciples Making Disciples. First, you can join a Community Group! We will be launching fall groups the first Sunday of September. There are many that meet at different days and times throughout the week, so you can choose the one that works best for your schedule. The Community Groups page will be updated regularly as we confirm groups, so be checking throughout August!
Maybe you are already a regular at a weekly Community Group? Maybe you are ready to be a part of the Community Group Leadership Team by Hosting, Leading, Apprenticing, or Coaching! We are having a Community Group Leadership Training Aug 5-6. Put the date down and plan on attending if you are currently in one of these roles, or are interested in one of them. This is a vital training that all current leadership will be attending, and we’d like to invite you to come learn with us!
Discipleship can be very complicated in you let it. But at it’s core it’s simple, easy and relaxed. Come join the family and we can take the journey together! You CAN do it – and we can help.
Many Blessings,
Passtor Sarah

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