A Big Thank You! July 23

I’m excited to say that it has been a year now, that my son, Charles, and I have been actively serving here at HFCOG! A BIG thank you for welcoming us and encouraging us to serve. 
God is so good. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it, and not a moment too soon. I say that because, not only is it true, but I have experienced it… I first walked thru these doors at HFCOG 19 years ago and what a journey it has been…but, that’s a different article. 
I am very thankful that HFCOG teaches the importance of discipleship and “doing life” with others. And I am also very thankful that my best friend, Sherry, was faithful to what God laid on her heart to be consistent in encouraging me and showing me the love of Christ.
What I’d like you to know is that everything you do makes a difference in someone’s life one way or the other. It is my prayer that we all are faithful to what God calls us to do to further His kingdom! 
This past year has been a huge blessing and I am truly grateful to call HFCOG our church home. I look forward to developing deeper connections and strengthen relationships with you. 
Your sister in Christ,
Naomi Dingle