“It’s not what you know. It’s who you know that matters.”
Have you ever heard this? It is true in a lot of ways. Knowing the right people will open some doors for you even if you don’t know anything, and knowing everything doesn’t always mean you will see opportunities. But what if you were able to know WHO and WHAT?
This past month we have talked about WHO we are based, on WHO Christ is. This has brought up great conversations about spiritual warfare, the lies of our past, and the identity that Jesus has given us as the great I AM. WHO we know is vital. If we don’t know WHO Jesus is then we can’t know WHO we are, and because we know WHO Jesus is we can know WHO we are.
This month we shift from WHO to WHAT. This sermon series titled “How To” will teach us WHAT we need to know to connect with people who aren’t following Jesus, to endure suffering, and to have hard conversations.
Here is WHAT I need you to do as we make this shift:
Make plans to be present in worship to hear God’s word about How we can impact the lives of those around us.
Invite others to come and experience what God is doing with HFC so that they might learn How God wants us to live.
Ask God WHAT he wants you to do based on WHO you are in Christ.
HFC Family, I’m so glad that we get to walk with Jesus together. Let’s help others join and experience this life giving community we call the church.
In Him,
Pastor Tim