No Longer Slaves

Dear Church,
In John 8:34 Jesus said ” I tell you the truth , everyone who sins is a slave to sin.” Here Jesus is letting people know that everyone is a sinner and needs to be set free. 
In my teenage years, I hung out with people who are now serving time in prison. Some waiting 3 years, or even 15 years to able walk out free. However once they are free they go back to doing the same thing that lead them to prison the first time. We are slaves to whatever is controlling us. Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom so we are no longer slaves. So why not stop all the jealousy, all the gossip, everything that enslaves us and takes us back. Jesus goes on to say in verse 36 “so if the Son set you free, you are truly free.” So we are truly free not just today, but always. So we are able to say NO I won’t be this person again and NO I won’t fall for your lies. I’m not a slave to you, I’m a daughter/son or the Risen King. Blessed are we for believing. 

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