Make Room

Prior to a training we recently had for our community group leadership – we were asked to have a 4 hour time of solitude spending time abiding with the Lord. This request brought up many different thoughts & feelings from excitement to being overwhelmed. Many of us were challenged by this request. However, after the time of solitude and processing the time in small groups the common thread was that it was definitely a significant experience that we should do again. 
For me, it was making room for Him in a different way than I had before. I have my daily disciplines of prayer, reading scripture and journaling (that can take a significate amount of time, but this was different). This time of solitude was very eye opening to me and I was convicted in certain areas that I need to let go to make room for what He wants from me. Which is hard, because many of these things are “good” and I like them – but are they truly what God is calling me to do? And the hard answer is “no”, they are not in-line with what I hear Him calling me to do. Which ultimately to me, translates into disobedience. Wow! That was hard to confess; but now you know better how to pray for me!
This past Sunday we sang “Make Room” by Community Music. The song is a powerful reminder of the importance of surrendering our lives to God. The lyrics speak of laying down our burdens, lies, and doubts, and making room for God to do whatever He wants to. I want to encourage you to listen to this song and schedule a time of solitude to abide in the Lord. I am confident that you will hear from Him and pray that you “make room” every day that you wake up and He gives you breath!
If you would like to talk with mePastor David, or Pastor Tim – reach out! We are here to help you in taking that next step of Faith! Love you all.
Your Sister In Christ,
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