Happy Add to Multiply

Happy Add to Multiply!

This past year has been so amazing! First, we have to celebrate 14 people who got baptized and declared to the world that they are followers of Jesus our Savior! Yet our goal is not just to make converts but to make disciples. That happens in Community Groups and in the Fall we started 2 new Community Groups engaging people who have never been connected that way. We even had one guy who got saved in his Community Group long before he ever showed up for a worship service! Praise the Lord! God is doing great things!

All of this has led to increased attendance which shows that we are adding to those who are engaging in worship and other aspects of the church. However, in 2024 I want us to look at how we can move from adding to multiplying and I think it will take following:

1. Pray. I need you to pray like you are the only one praying and the future of the church depends on those prayers. Pray for salvation. Pray for disciple making. Pray for church planting. God will respond to our desperate dependence on him through faith and we can’t hold back anymore.

2. Grow. I need you to know God’s word and how to function as a disciple maker more deeply than you ever have. Think about the multiplication that can happen if each of us is committed to pastoring the church the way that you expect me to! People in the world are motivated to get rich and to be famous. Our motivation is to lead lost people to be found and dead people back to life.

3. Go. Go build relationships with neighbors, coworkers and friends that are far from Jesus. Be intentional to go be with others who need someone to help them grow. And get ready to go wherever God might send you. Maybe he will send you to another row in the sanctuary, to another position in your Community Group, to another country with the gospel, to another career in ministry, or even to plant another church.

I hope your New Year is happy and all but I would be even happier if we could see God do the impossible through all of us as we move from adding to multiplying in 2024.

In Him,

Pastor Tim

Trusting Others

The last article I wrote was about making room for the Lord in our lives. Personally, I shared that there are “good” things that I have not given up to make room what the Lord is really calling me to do. With God’s grace and his Holy Spirit’s guidance and I am aware and am prioritizing things to align with him. All of this ties in so well with the current sermon series “Can I Trust…”.

For myself trusting has not always been easy and is something that I’m still guarded in at times – I like to be in control and have a say in everything, but again with God’s grace and his Holy Spirit’s guidance I’m learning how to trust more and not take things so personally or question.

As we are moving further along in the vision of HFC to multiply and trusting God that he has a plan for us – things may seem out of control because it is something we have not done, something we are not sure of, we may ask what does this mean? who is going?, who is staying? If you have been around me in these conversations before you know that I physically get hot – I feel out of control and have lots of questions. Again with God’s grace and his Holy Spirit’s guidance my feelings are changing and I have peace because I trust in him that he will be glorified through HFC multiplying. Also I’m trusting our pastors, elders, and my HFC family. 

On Saturday, October 28th from 2pm – 4pm is the HFC Vision Conference. This is a time for us to come together and celebrate what God has done over the past year and what we are looking forward to in the coming year. The conference leads up to the Annual Meeting where we will vote on the budget, elders and treasurer positions. You are invited to attend and be part of this discussion so that together we can trust in where the Lord is leading HFC.

Your Sister In Christ,

Naomi J. Dingle

Community Groups and Connections Director


HFC Vision Party

On Saturday, October 28 from 2-4 pm we will all meet together for the HFC Vision Conference. However, I’m beginning to think we may have named it wrong. Maybe instead we should call it the HFC Vision Party.

Parties are all about celebrating, right? This is going to be a time dominated by celebration. We will celebrate salvation, celebrate disciple making, celebrate New Group and celebrate new members of the HFC family.

Then at birthday parties and wedding receptions there is also the celebration of what is to come, and we have plenty of that too! We will share vision regarding leadership, finances, community impact and lay out exciting opportunities for everyone to be involved.

What’s a party without dessert? We are asking everyone to bring a dessert to share because sugar always makes a party better. Maybe you like to make cake or cookies or jello, or maybe you just prefer to buy those iced cookies from the bakery. Whatever you bring is going to make this party even partier!

I can’t wait to see you on Saturday, October 28 from 2-4 pm for the HFC Vision Conference… I mean Party. It is going to be a great time together!

In Him,

Pastor Tim.

What’s going on in October

2023 has been full of surprises and activities. I will go as far as to say that we have something for everyone here at HFC, regardless of how old you are or even what type of music you like. On Wednesday, October 25th, we have our second parent discipleship meeting at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary. This is a great time for parents with students in kids and youth ministries to join together to learn, share what’s going on with their kids, and even hear from other parents.


On Saturday, October 28th, from 2-4 p.m., we are having our HFC vision conference. This time, it is designed for everyone to ask the pastor or staff members what’s going on around HFC. Isn’t it cool that you have the opportunity to ask questions about the church without worrying about what others or the pastor might say? I love the fact that we are not just a Sunday morning church; we are a family with all kinds of people, and we are willing to spend time with each other and answer each other’s questions. The best part about Saturday is that you get to bring dessert and share it with everyone. Don’t forget we start at 2 p.m.; I hope to see you there.


Sunday, October 29th, is the deadline for Operation Christmas Child here at HFC. We love to partner with this program because it is a great way to share the gospel of Jesus with kids around the world. Have you ever considered that you can become a missionary by partnering with OCC every year? And not just that, we can teach kids to share the love of Jesus, even with some toys that they might be willing to give to other kids.


As you can see, we all have opportunities to get connected with the kingdom of God. If you want to know about how you can serve, let Naomi Dingle, our connections director, or pastor David know that you are interested, and we will help you get connected.

Pastor David 

Just Another Boring Meeting?

There are four dates you need to have on your calendar. The first is the annual business meeting on Wednesday, November 8th at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary. I know… I know… Who wants to go to a boring meeting like that?
YOU DO! Trust me. This is where we are going to vote as a church on the strategy we will pursue to accomplish the Vision to Multiply through the Mission to Be Disciples that Make Disciples. The work of God’s Holy Spirit in you gets to speak into the life of the entire church as we discern together what God has for us.
Which leads to the second date which is Saturday, October 28th. From 2:00-4:00 pm we will have our HFC Vision Conference in the sanctuary. This will be a time for the staff, elders and I to share what God has done and where we think he is leading us. This is a time specifically designed for you to ask questions, gain understanding and hear the hearts of your leaders. This more informal gathering is so important because it creates space for all of us to process together what God’s Holy Spirit is leading us into.
These two dates are important because of the next two dates which are even more important: Sunday, October 15 and Sunday, November 19. On these two Sundays we will be baptizing at least six people who have recently surrendered their lives to Jesus. Here is what I need you to understand: we are baptizing these six people, and all the others who have already been baptized this year, because of the discerning work of uniting around the God’s Holy Spirit over the last couple years in our annual business meetings and the HFC Vision Conferences. These are not just boring meetings. These are spiritual moments where God lays the ground work to change lives for all of eternity.
Church, I can’t wait to be with you during these four dates on the calendar. God is doing great things and he is using each member of the body of Christ to accomplish his kingdom desires. Thank you for being a vital part of the HFC family.
In Him,
Pastor Tim

Let Me Tell You About It

This past Friday, we had our September lock-in. We had 36 students, and it was a great time for all of us. We wanted to do something that we have never done before since I became the youth pastor here at HFC. I wanted to have a youth service, but not just any worship service, one where others were in charge of leading the music, the sermon, small groups, etc.
I am happy to say that some of our young adults helped me make this possible for our students; they led worship, preached a great testimony sermon, and also helped me lead small groups. The reason why I am telling you this is not just to say they did a great job or that I feel unstoppable because we did what we said we were going to do.

God used Friday to allow our young adults to inspire, serve, and minister to our super young people. This gets me excited because God is turning things around in the lives of many, and I am not the only one God is using to do all of that. Some of our young adults are taking the discipleship training class to become part of our discipleship network (those are steps of faith). I am beyond grateful for how God is using 20-something-year olds to minister to teenagers. Only God can do that.

If you want to be part of God’s movement, send me an email at pastordavid@hfcog.org, and I will make sure you get connected with the right ministry or person. God is on the move, and he will use those willing to be used.
With love,
Pastor David

Do You Matter?

Yes! But before you roll your eyes and think, “Well you have to say that. You’re my pastor,” let me tell you why you matter.

This month the Lord has really been prompting me to think more about the culture of HFC. On one hand, I am responsible to lead the culture we want to have—I’m responsible to model it, to celebrate it, to correct it and to inspire it. However, I can do all those things and still not have the culture that I want to see with HFC.

The reality is that you carry the culture of HFC. You determine if it is perceived by first time guests as a loving church. You determine if we are known for our generosity. You determine if disciple making is a priority. And watch this… Even if you have only been with HFC for a couple weeks or months you still determine all those things! No pressure or anything but you matter tremendously to who we are!

Which leads to the vision for the church… to multiply. Our vision to multiply isn’t just about starting new community groups, opening new campuses or starting new ministries, but it is about reproducing a culture that is healthy, loving, and inspiring disciples to make disciples. If I get hit by a bus in my sleep that culture still has to continue and it will continue through you.

If you have been here 10 years you matter. If you have been here 10 minutes you matter. You matter to the culture. You matter to the church. You matter to the kingdom. You matter to Jesus. And you matter to me. I love you church.

In Him,
Pastor Tim

Culture Worth Spreading

Culture is most easily defined as “the way we do things around here,” and the way we are doing thing as a church is amazing! Our culture as a church is appealing to those who haven’t been part of it before which we see in about 35 first time guests in the last 6 weeks. So what do we do with this Jesus-centered, disciple making culture?
We have to spread it. We have to send it out. We have to share this culture with those who aren’t already part of it. This is why we make disciples. This is why our vision is to multiply. The world can’t find this on their own. This kind of culture and only come through submission to God’s Holy Spirit. We have to take it to the world. We have to multiply. We have to carry the vision with us wherever we go.
And each of us have to be responsible for the culture—responsible to live, to share, and to champion it. This coming Sunday we will have a chance to share the loving culture of HFC with those who are joining us for Back to Church Sunday. Don’t wait for others to show the loving, Spirit-filled culture we have. You make the first move. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t recognize and simply ask, “How long have you worshipped with HFC?” Help others experience the love that is natural for us.
I love you church! Let’s show ‘em Jesus.
In Him,

Make Room

Prior to a training we recently had for our community group leadership – we were asked to have a 4 hour time of solitude spending time abiding with the Lord. This request brought up many different thoughts & feelings from excitement to being overwhelmed. Many of us were challenged by this request. However, after the time of solitude and processing the time in small groups the common thread was that it was definitely a significant experience that we should do again. 
For me, it was making room for Him in a different way than I had before. I have my daily disciplines of prayer, reading scripture and journaling (that can take a significate amount of time, but this was different). This time of solitude was very eye opening to me and I was convicted in certain areas that I need to let go to make room for what He wants from me. Which is hard, because many of these things are “good” and I like them – but are they truly what God is calling me to do? And the hard answer is “no”, they are not in-line with what I hear Him calling me to do. Which ultimately to me, translates into disobedience. Wow! That was hard to confess; but now you know better how to pray for me!
This past Sunday we sang “Make Room” by Community Music. The song is a powerful reminder of the importance of surrendering our lives to God. The lyrics speak of laying down our burdens, lies, and doubts, and making room for God to do whatever He wants to. I want to encourage you to listen to this song and schedule a time of solitude to abide in the Lord. I am confident that you will hear from Him and pray that you “make room” every day that you wake up and He gives you breath!
If you would like to talk with mePastor David, or Pastor Tim – reach out! We are here to help you in taking that next step of Faith! Love you all.
Your Sister In Christ,
Community Groups & Connections Director
713.202.1395 call / text

Join A Group

You are not alone. So many times in our lives we can feel alone though. We can feel like no one understands. We may even feel like no one loves us and maybe even God doesn’t love us. This is why HFC has Community Groups.
Community Groups exist to create an environment for you to grow in spiritual maturity and to help others do the same as we build relationships with and love each other. You were never designed to figure out how to follow Jesus by yourself and Community Groups are an incredible way to grow deeper in the Lord with others who have the same goal.
You may have also heard about New Groups. This is specifically for people who have never been part of a Community Group but it is also for people who might just be looking for a new group. In New Groups you will meet with a small group of people for seven weeks and learn together how and why we set up Community Groups the way we do through a discussion based Bible study format.
Here’s the logistics for New Groups. Childcare will be provided all seven weeks. The first week is Sunday, September 17 after worship and on that first Sunday the church will provide a meal for all those in New Groups. When you come you will select a group that fits best for you and your schedule. Then during those seven weeks you and your group will work together to determine the best location and time to meet after the seven weeks at the building are over.
If you are interested or have questions about Community Groups or New Groups feel free to let us know at hfcog.org/connect or email Naomi. Who will you invite to join a group with you?
In Him,