Fear and Faith

Can faith and fear co-exist? In my opinion, yes. Let me explain how this has played out in my
It feels like my entire adult life has been ruled by fear and anxiety. Throw in an occasional
panic attack and some mild bouts of depression and life was/is challenging at times. However,
these are the very things that have driven me to my knees and God’s word. He has healed me
of so much anxiety. Have all of these things disappeared? No, and that is okay if that is what it
takes to keep me relying on Him.
In day to day life fear and faith exist together quit often. For example, when I get in my car I
am very scared of the other drivers on the road. Yet, I still drive and have faith I will eventually
arrive safely to my destination.
I am extremely afraid of heights. God has not asked me to climb any physical mountains-so,
don’t even ask! He has, however, called us to make disciples.
The call to disciple making has stretched me in so many ways. I am naturally an introvert.
Small talk and putting myself out there are not my forte. Yet God is gently nudging me to step
out of my comfort zone. As I do so, faith becomes stronger than fear.
Obeying-in spite of any fears-is a step of faith. So, yes, I think faith and fear can co-exist.
Elder Melodie Erwin